Single Flat Grave Markers

When it comes to picking out a gravestone for your loved one, you have many different options. The type to choose depends on personal preference as well as the cemetery where your loved one is laid to rest.

These memorials can be made from materials such as granite, marble, bronze, and other metals and stone. Personalization is key when comes to crafting a single flat grave marker.

Throughout this article, we will provide many examples of beautiful single flat grave headstones as well as some overall details.

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Rodgers Sun Single Flat Grave Marker

The type to choose depends on personal preference as well as the cemetery where your loved one is laid to rest.

Quick Monument Tip: Choose a gravestone that fits into the cemetery’s overall design aesthetic

Some cemeteries may have a certain look that they’re going for, and it’s important to choose a headstone that matches their vision. For example, some cemeteries like to use earth tones for their headstones; others prefer bolder colors or metallic elements. Some graveyards only allow flat headstones and don’t allow upright ones, while other cemeteries prefer upright-style headstones over flat ones. It’s up to you to find out what kind of style is preferred by your loved one’s burial place and then choose an appropriate grave marker from there.

Single Flat Grave Markers

A single flat grave marker is one that lays flat with the grass level around it and honors the story of just one individual.

Given their size of 12″ front to back, and 24″ left to right, you can see that while limited on space we can sure pack in a lot of detail. The second size up for a single flat is 28×16 which provides more space and, like seen here for Mr. Clardy, provides room for special additions like vases and portraits.


These markers can be made from many materials such as granite, marble, bronze, and other metals and stone.

Granite and marble are our favorite choices for flat grave markers. These materials are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes to suit any need or preference.

There are also other materials that we can use such as bronze and metal. Bronze is a popular choice because it’s long-lasting and durable with an elegant look that will never go out of style!

The Single Flat Marker Style

The style of memorial you choose to tell your story is the selection of stories “body language”. A flat marker by itself is simply a blank canvas to be etched or engraved.

For those customizations we like to take an elegant approach and leave the memorial with clean lines that last forever.

The Canady Memorial shown here is a 28×16 turned 90 degrees to allow for a more vertically etched design. The bronze vase is attached and allows for the stowing of the vase in the cylinder it sits. The vase is raised and lowed as needed

Personalization is key when choosing a memorial.

When choosing a memorial for your loved one, it’s important to remember that you’ll be looking at it for years to come. Make sure that it tells the story of who they were and something that you can be proud of. It should be an object that makes you smile when you think about them and not just another stone in the ground.

Specialized Engraving

The engraving is the sand-blasted lettering carved into the stone. We hold ourselves to the highest of memorial standard for all of our engravings and look for all of our engravings to stand the test of time.

Your loved one’s story deserves to be remembered.

The engravings we can add to flat grave marker are smaller but just as meaningful. Like that seen here for young Mr. Gadson, he loved dinosaurs and as such the engraving helps to hold that memory.

Large Ledger Grave Markers For One Person

The ledger gave marker is one of our largest expressions of monument building available. Coming in at 49 1/2″ wide and 89″ long, this cap stone will cover the whole of a burial plot tip to tail.

These are best for those with a lot story to tell, or for some of our biggest personalities. Given so much space, the ledger memorial design standout and is able to be looked upon in awe and wonder.

For our example here, the Ledger grave marker we crafted for Ms. Mixon is a proud display of a memorial to a person that was “A light so great to this world that even after they have gone the light remains.”

Just Beautiful.

Key Take Aways

Flat grave markers are simple headstones that sit level with the ground.

These markers are generally quite thin, and they can be made out of various materials such as granite, marble, or bronze. Flat grave markers can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your preferences or budget.


They are relatively thin and do not stand at an angle as some other gravestones do.

Single flat grave markers are relatively thin and do not stand at an angle as some other gravestones do. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install, purchase, and maintain. In addition, flat grave markers can be made from a variety of materials such as granite or marble.


With limited space on such a minimalist marker, the design is key to telling your loved ones’ story.

If you’re looking for a simple and minimalist grave marker, then flat markers are a perfect choice. Being limited only means that we must be deliberate with our story telling. For instance:

  • If a loved one was known as an avid reader or had a passion for cooking, try getting their names engraved in their favorite calligraphy on their grave marker, or leave a passage from their favorite author.


The design of the marker is what truly sets it apart from many other kinds of headstones. The size, shape, and material are all important factors when choosing a gravestone for your loved one. The design is also very important as well; it should tell their story in an elegant way so that others can remember them fondly whenever they pass by it during their visits to the cemetery or other places where there might be lots of people around such as parks.


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