Companion Upright Monuments

Our companion monuments are those built for two people and specifically two people that were at each others side through the majority of life. Likely bridging over two separate memorial plots, a companion memorial will be graced with the names and dates of two lost lovers who loved and adored each other during their time on earth. Just about any style of monument we offer can be made double the width to allow for each story to be told both separately and together. 

Using a unifying symbol, surname, or endearing phrase, your companion memorial design can truly tell the whole story. Many engraving designs we create here at Martin Monuments include that of a loving couple who can later also rest in peace, side by side. Our most popular double columbariums are available for those looking to commemorate a loving couple who has been cremated while a larger Memorial can be built for those looking for full above ground burials. The options extend out to literally all of our memorial products. It just comes down to telling the couples story together and engraving it in beautiful granite for many future generations to look upon. 

Meet with our expert memorial staff to go over all of our companion monument options today.