Bench Memorials For Cemeteries

Families are finding comfort in having the benches as their grave markers because it gives them more room to engrave designs and sentiments than what’s possible with an upright monument.

Here’s everything you need to know about bench memorials:

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Bench Memorials For Cemeteries

Headstones are what we typically think of as grave monuments.

They’re the upright monuments with the deceased person’s name and dates on them. Headstones are made of granite—a hard rock that doesn’t break down easily, so they last for a long time. They’ve been used for hundreds of years, with many still standing today.

Headstones can be very simple or quite elaborate; some feature carved floral designs or religious scenes while others have intricate lettering and symbols within the stone. When you choose your headstone, consider how important it is to pay tribute to your loved one’s life by adding something personal to their monument.

If you’re looking for something more creative than a traditional design, consider adding an etching or carving on to the stone! This gives you more freedom in choosing what type of artwork will go onto your memorial piece (and gives families who spot it an opportunity to see something unique atop their loved ones’ graves).

Cemeteries are continually looking for ways to make their grounds more appealing to families who have lost loved ones.

One way they’re doing that is with bench memorials, which give families a place to sit and remember their deceased loved ones. They can also honor the deceased by having the names engraved on the bench itself.

Bench memorials allow families to come together in remembrance of those who have passed away so that everyone can pay respects together, instead of only visiting during traditional hours when most people are at work.

The cemetery grounds become more inviting and appealing when people see these beautiful benches instead of rows of regular upright headstones.

As a cemetery owner, you want your facilities to be inviting and appealing for those who come in contact with death on a regular basis. These individuals include family members of the deceased, as well as funeral directors and cemetery workers. You can accomplish this by installing bench memorials.

Bench memorials are attractive because they give families a more private place to visit their loved ones without being surrounded by other people’s headstones. They also allow visitors more room to think about the life that was lived instead of simply reading what’s written on an upright headstone.

While upright headstones have been the standard marker for graves, bench memorials give another option to families who want something different.

You can customize your bench by engraving it with whatever you like, including photographs or a quote that holds special significance in your life. You could also choose a granite bench memorial over an upright stone if you’d prefer something more natural looking or that fits better into its surroundings. Bench monuments bring a cozy nature into the cemetery, which has been long known as creepy.

Many families are opting for bench memorials as a way to honor their loved ones.

Bench memorials are a more affordable alternative to upright headstones, and they can be customized to fit the family’s needs and wishes. These benches are more flexible than upright headstones, which makes them ideal for smaller cemeteries with limited space available. The materials used to make these benches are also environmentally friendly.

The stone benches offer families a chance to have a peaceful place where they can visit and remember their family members.

They also provide a unique, more affordable alternative to upright headstones. While many families are familiar with upright headstones, bench memorials are little-known but just as effective in helping you honor loved ones who have passed away.

The main difference between the two is that instead of including an inscription on the front side, bench memorials allow for more room to engrave designs and sentiments on more sides of the stone bench. This gives families more space on which they can personalize their monuments and create something that truly reflects their loved one’s life. Bench memorials are beautiful additions to cemetery grounds; because they’re low-profile, they will blend seamlessly into the landscape without overpowering it or seeming out of place.

Key Take Aways

Bench memorials offer families a unique way to honor their deceased family members by giving them something different from the traditional grave marker.

Bench memorials are a unique way to honor your deceased loved one. They offer families something different from the traditional upright headstone, flat marker, and flat grave marker.

Bench memorials are less formal than upright headstones but more formal than flat markers and gravestones.


These bench memorials are a great way for families to show their love and respect for the deceased.

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